Growth Marketing Essentials For Building Brand Awareness

Posted by Michael Auer on Sep 9, 2019 8:55:07 AM

Growth Marketing Essentials For Building Brand AwarenessBrand awareness plays a major role in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Expanding the reach of your messaging and familiarity with your brand throughout your key verticals will help to drive online conversions and make it easier for your sales people to close deals. Here are five essential growth tactics for improving brand awareness.

Communicate A Consistent Brand Identity

Your company’s logo, colors and name should be consistent across all channels. This makes your brand easily recognizable and more memorable over time. Your website, social media pages and marketing materials should all contain consistent branding, leaving little doubt which organization they are representing.

Develop A Customer-Centric Mission Statement

Your mission statement is what communicates the purpose of your brand. This purpose will play an integral role in your ideal prospects developing a connection with your company. When crafting your mission statement, you want to consider your core beliefs, what problems your products solve and your ideal buyer persona.

Develop A Market Positioning Strategy

What makes your brand different and how can prospects distinguish your company from its competitors? How your company is perceived in relation to your competition will largely determine your level of success. Find your niche and focus your resources in that area. Casting too wide of a net can result in wasted marketing dollars and messaging that is too generalized to resonate with your ideal prospects.

Create A Culture Of Innovation And Growth

Company culture has become a hot topic over the last decade and now plays an important role in the perception and popularity of your brand. There are many different components that make up your company culture and a buy in is needed from all levels of the organization to create something truly special. Creating an atmosphere built around respect, productivity, creativity and innovation can be difficult, but can result in everyone from employees to customers advocating on your behalf in their personal and professional circles.

Provide An Impeccable Customer Experience

Word of mouth advertising and referrals are still some of the most effective ways to gain new customers. A first-class customer experience that focuses on the wants and needs of your target market is sure to be discussed within the networks of your customers and prospects.

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