Efficiently Mining Your Sales Territory With Account Based Marketing

Posted by Michael Auer on Feb 12, 2019 9:16:24 AM

Efficiently Mining Your Sales Territory With Account Based MarketingAccount-based marketing is the most efficient way of breaking through to highly targeted companies and contacts.  Rather than casting a wide net across a particular industry or vertical, account-based marketing is a strategy best used on a small subset of your most desirable accounts.  Here we present a high-level overview of how to organize and implement your efforts.

Identification Of Target Audience

  • Companies

Identify 25-50 of your top targets based on need and fit.  These companies should match up with your buyer persona and be determined by company, demographic and psychographic data.  These should be companies that you know can use your solution and have the financial means to make a purchase.

  • Decision Makers

Identify the key players that you know will have a budget as well as decision making capabilities.  Do whatever it takes to locate their contact information including email, phone number and social media accounts.  These will be your primary targets within each chosen company.

  • Influencers

These will be employees at the lower levels of the organization that still have contact with and an influence on your target decision makers.  In many cases those at the VP and Director levels of large companies will be difficult to reach, influencers at the lower levels can get your foot in the door.

Marketing Tactics

  • Gather Business Intelligence

This is going to include data mapping and appending of subsidiaries and business units and the profiling of corporate entities as well as subsidiaries and business units identified.  Dive into the different aspects of their business to determine exactly where your solution fits.  Use any kind of relevant experience as leverage for your initial outreach.

  • Email Marketing

Targeted blasts using highly personalized design and messaging will be most effective.  Use the company’s name, logo and other identifying factors as a means of getting your audience’s attention.  Come up with offers that speak specifically to a known pain point of their business function and provide special pricing to encourage a response.

  • Teleprospecting

Teleprospecting efforts should be used in conjunction with personalized email fulfillment pieces.  Tailor your messaging to their company and job function.  Go after the key decision makers and influencers, but also take the time to network throughout the company.    While setting an appointment or making a sale is the primary goal, you also want to build brand awareness throughout the company.

  • Social Media Marketing

Strategically building connections throughout your target companies on social media will help  bring attention to your brand and allow you to connect on a more personal level.  Start by requesting membership in similar groups and liking and commenting on your target’s posts.  Once you’ve engaged with them in some manner, send them a personalized invite to connect.  Rather than immediately pitching them, send them something of value such as a piece of premium content or link to a relevant blog post.

  • Targeted Content

Develop blog articles as well as premium pieces such as eBooks, whitepapers and case studies that speak directly to individual companies and contacts.  These can be leveraged through all of your tactical outreach including email, teleprospecting, social media and direct mail.  You can go as far as including the company logos, mentioning events and the different product lines of your target organization.

  • Direct Mail

Direct mail is best used to target high level contacts as well as those that don’t respond to digital or telephone outreach.  Three dimensional pieces that are eye catching and offer value work best.  Think outside the box for these mail pieces and include special offers that will truly help their company and get your foot in the door.

  • Microsites

Creating a microsite dedicated to an individual company is a great way to target your most sought-after accounts.  These sites will be an extension of your current website but be branded and contain messaging aimed at a specific organization.  They should include a company blog, resource page and special pricing packages only available to that company.  Microsites are a great way of delivering personalized messaging that shows your target that you are serious about doing business with them.

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