Content Distribution Channels And Techniques

Posted by Michael Auer on Mar 15, 2017 2:56:32 PM

Content Distribution Channels And TechniquesOnce you’ve written a quality piece of content your attention should turn immediately to how you’re going to get it in the hands of your target audience.  There are many different channels you can distribute your content through and becoming familiar with your buyer personas will allow you to identify the best way to reach them.  Not everyone consumes content the same way and most people seek out a variety of channels to gather information.  Here we’ve outlined some of the best ways to maximize the impact of your company’s blogs, infographics, videos and premium content.

Social Media

  • Twitter: Use 1-3 hash tags that are relevant to your content on each tweet or retweet
  • Facebook: Join and post to industry relevant groups and groups that are of interest to your target audience
  • LinkedIn: Join and post to industry relevant groups. Develop a well rounded list of connections through personal accounts and post to them.
  • YouTube: Any and all company videos should be posted to your account including video blogs, recorded webinars and product descriptions.

Question & Answer Sites

  • Quora: Set up email notification for any industry relevant question that is posed.  Provide detailed answers that include a link to your content to provide additional information.
  • Reddit: Be selective when choosing which questions to answer.  Avoid being overly promotional and only include truly relevant links.

Industry Article Comments

  • Media Sites: Create logins for popular industry publication websites and general business sites. Provide relevant comments on industry articles and include links to relevant content.
  • Company Blogs: Subscribe to your target audience’s blog feeds.  Provide content that solves a problem or enhances a product they provide.


  • Influencers: You’ll want to make connections with and share your content with industry leaders.  These can include executives, lower level employees and even industry bloggers.
  • Clients: Current and past clients can make great evangelists for your company.  Distribute relevant content to them in a conversational way through their preferred channels.
  • Professional Connections: Co-workers and industry colleagues are important channels to help spread your work.


  • Company Newsletter: You should include a monthly blog recap and any recent premium content downloads in your newsletter.  This can be distributed to all contacts.
  • Fulfillment Pieces: When utilizing teleprospecting campaigns you should include links to educational content within fulfillment and follow up emails.

Chances are you’ve spent a good deal of time developing your content.  For it to have its desired effect you need to promote and distribute it properly.  While there are new content channels becoming popular every day, the above options will give you a solid foundation for content distribution.

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