5 Advantages Of Virtual B2B Events

Posted by Michael Auer on Jun 30, 2020 8:52:51 AM

5 Advantages Of Virtual B2B EventsAs major industry events, user conferences and half day briefings move to the digital realm, there are sure to be challenges. However, there are some key benefits that virtual events offer over in-person shows. Although the loss of live interaction can be detrimental, a virtual experience that provides entertaining presentations, ample access to breakout sessions, chat forums and a unique experience can be very appealing to potential attendees. Here we take a look at five advantages of virtual B2B events.

Lower Production Costs

Without the need for travel, food provisions or a venue, the production costs of virtual events are far lower than in-person conferences. The money saved can be used to make your event unique.  This may include digital swag bags, influential keynote speakers, virtual experiences and anything that will make your event stand out from the rest. The event experience is still very important so the money you save should be invested in making your event as entertaining, educational, affordable and memorable as possible.

Host More Events

Eight to ten weeks is an ideal period of time to promote a live event, but that time is cut in half when you go virtual. Larger conferences will take a little more planning and promotion, but smaller virtual events can be created, promoted and executed in as little as a month. This allows marketers to be more targeted with their content as well as the audience they recruit to attend.  While the timeline is reduced, promotion is going to be essential in gaining traction in the digital world. Broad promotion through organic social posts, company blog and your website can help build general awareness. A combination of teleprospecting, email and paid social media ads aimed at registering your most sought-after attendees can be used in a multi-channel account-based approach to ensure you’re getting the right people in the “seats”.

Higher Attendance

Not having to worry about travel expenses and the relatively little time it takes to prepare for a virtual event enables companies to draw in a much larger portion of their target audience. They allow you to reach a worldwide audience. Virtual events also tend to have a far lower ticket price, which allows those who typically can’t afford live events to get the same experience as companies with larger budgets. You also don’t have to worry about limited capacity in a certain venue and most virtual event platforms allow for easy scalability.

More Data And Business Intel

Surveys, interactions, break-out session attendance and nearly everything else can be tracked through virtual events. Even questions from a breakout session or chat forum can be captured.  You’ll also know exactly who is attending each presentation and the topics gaining the most interest. This can be extremely valuable business intel that can aid in future events and marketing campaigns. There also tends to be a higher level of participation when it comes to surveys and reviews as everything is at the fingertips of your attendees.

Attract High-Profile Speakers

The money saved on logistics and marketing can be put toward making your event more appealing. Popular keynote speakers can be expensive, but can also draw in large crowds. The price tag for bringing in one of these speakers is generally a bit lower for virtual events, which allows you to include more talent from a broader range of backgrounds and expertise. Since these speakers don’t have to travel and there are fewer events, they are easier to access and book. Many people attend events purely to see the keynote speakers. This gives you access to an audience that may very well be a fit for your offerings, but you’ve been unable to reach with other marketing tactics.

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