4 Ways To Enhance Your Company's Video Content

Posted by James Lawson on Jul 22, 2020 12:18:20 PM

Beefing Up Your Company's Video ContentThe digital marketing arena has opened up doors of possibilities that are relatively new and create some unique obstacles but is something that, if refined, can be a marketing multiplier. Knowing how to create the right content will propel your business and make sure it packs a full punch when delivered to your targeted audience and potential customer. Here are a few tips that will help strengthen your company’s video content.

Do Not Focus On The Sale

Your company’s video content needs to be something that tells a story on the product or service that you provide. The majority of people watching your content are interested in how this would benefit themselves or their company. They are not trying to watch the late-night “as seen on TV” guy rope them into 5 easy payments, and chances are neither are you. So, keep your video on message about the value it will add to your customers and address what may be a hidden need of theirs, and this will make your video content that much more effective.

Optimize For Search Engines

Tag your videos up with descriptions so that your video content will attract the most hits. Of course, if you are new to search engines they usually work based on off-key word searches. So, to keep your content from reaching the right people, always make sure that you are not using extremely specific words that your customers would not use but something that would come up on any one of their general searches. Discretions are everything, and it allows for the search engines to make sense of your video and understand the contents. Obviously, the easier to understand the more likely it is to come up in a search for your target audience, making it stronger and more effective for your business.


To put this as simple as possible, your videos are being looked at by people who are more likely to be visual learners. With that said, they picked a video over an article for that very reason and the main reason why video content is extremely important in your company’s media marketing. This is your company’s time to shine when it comes to your product or service. Offer easy “how-to” videos that show the product in use or a webinar that highlights your company’s industry knowledge. When creating this type of content, you want to focus on the message of success and who has had it. So, focus on your customers who have found success in your product or service and tell them. This is all in an effort to create credibility and prove that what your company is setting out to do is working and can work for others.

Get Right To It

Just like flipping through the channels of your TV or even on YouTube, within seconds you are either locked in or flip to the next channel. This is the most critical moment of your content so do not waste time with dramatic openings, get right to it! Just like your blogs and articles you have to give purpose to the rest of the time that will be spent watching your company’s video content. Keep the question simple, why should I watch this? If you can answer that within the first five seconds of your video I promise you will have more hits, shares and overall effectiveness of your video content. 

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