3 Channel Marketing Campaigns For The New Year

Posted by Michael Auer on Jan 8, 2020 10:34:44 AM

3 Channel Marketing Campaigns For The New YearProviding direction to your channel partners on the types of marketing campaigns to run will help to increase the revenue generated through your channel community. Many partners do not have the bandwidth to create these types of campaigns, so providing the content necessary to carry them out and distributing MDFs so they can outsource their implementation is essential to keep these partners active on your projects. Here are three campaigns that will bring your channel partners success in 2020.

Teleprospecting And Email

Teleprospecting and email work extremely well together. For the teleprospecting side, you’ll need an enticing script, voice mail script, knowledge base and quality data. On the email side, you’ll need at least one blast email and fulfillment emails that contain a piece of premium content.  Source your contact universe from a trusted data provider and your current database. Narrow your universe so your messaging can be more personalized. Start your campaign with an email blast and begin your teleprospecting efforts by following up on any clicks or opens. Continue your teleprospecting efforts over the course of 10-12 weeks and continue nurturing anyone who has shown interest until they become a sales qualified lead. The business intelligence and cultivated database can be used for future campaigns as well.

Blogging And Premium Content

Create an eBook or white paper that covers a topic of particular interest to your target audience.  Once you’ve done so, you’ll want to develop several blogs that cover this topic at a high level, while including a CTA that links to a landing page with your premium offer. You may even consider promoting them through paid social campaigns. Any leads you gain through this process should be followed up on through email and teleprospecting efforts in order to set a concrete appointment.

LinkedIn Ads And Premium Content

LinkedIn ads are a great way for B2B organizations to generate leads. They allow advanced targeting so that you can refine your audience. Create a piece of premium content that addresses a specific pain point and promote the landing page with targeted ads. You’ll want to create four different ads with different copy and images that all direct back to your landing page. Each lead gained through these efforts should be followed up with an email or teleprospecting touch.  Anyone who does not convert right away should be placed into a nurturing workflow that contains additional premium offers until the record is reconciled.

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